The sale of the hand-marbled papers is made via my online-shop and you can send me an e-mail with the numbers of the papers you want or by mail.

Made by patterns
You want a special paper? According to historical models, according to own ideas in colors and samples or papers in larger quantities?

I need:

1. A template:

the indication of pattern by the number in the shop by send a scanned image with scale by email (Pictures with the camera create color differences) by send the original sheet by post (you get the original back on delivery)

2. Choise of the support paper:

mould made marbled paper 65 g/m², 100 g/m² oder 120 g/m²
Ingres-laid paper 90-100 g/m²
Antique mould made paper 90 g/m²
Book paper 90 g/m²
Bugra mould made paper 130 g/m²

3. Number of pieces and surfaces


For every design we will charge € 25.00 plus from 9.30 € per sheet. Minimum order 10 sheets per pattern.
For more than 20 sheets per design eliminates the surcharge of 25.00 €.

Purchase, exchange and gladly also free gifts
For building my collection "Around the marbled paper" I am always looking for special objects. Such as:
old marbling descriptions or recipes, sample books, journals articles
antique marbled paper sheets or pieces
old hand tools and materials from the production of fancy papers
photos, books